5 Articles CIOs Should Read This Week

CIOZone's editors spanned the Web and put together a list of articles - whose subjects range from managing data overload to Chrysler's IT-led turnaround effort—that chief information officers and other IT professionals should read this week.

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1. Time For A Data Diet?
Between blogs, social networks, instant messages, e-mails, RSS feeds, Twitter tweets, and group discussions, information overload has taken on a whole new meaning. And it's not going to stop. IDC sees the digital universe growing tenfold between 2006 and 2011 - when it will reach some 1,800 exabytes. How are we going to sort it all out? Do we need new technology or do we need to go on a "data diet"? Computerworld looks at the choices.

2. Chrysler Puts IT In The Driver's Seat
The struggling automaker faces many obstacles as it tries to turn itself around—developing new vehicles, entering deals with competitors to access emerging market, and retooling manufacturing and business process. CIO Magazine says IT will lead the way and provides an in-depth look into Chrysler's plan, which includes realigning IT and outsourcing.

3. How Obama Used IT To Win Nomination
Barack Obama ran a highly successful campaign for the Democratic nomination-one based on a sophisticated information technology strategy that the CIOZone says offers valuable lessons for any CIO.

4. J. Crew Faults Software For Income Drop
Retailer J. Crew is blaming a botched systems upgrade for its bad quarterly report. The software, which is used to process Web orders, went live on June 28 and it appears problems started almost immediately. Here's Wall Street Journal blogger Ben Worthen's take.

5. A Little Insecurity Over Google Docs
Sharing documents online through Google Docs is an efficient way to communicate with coworkers. But, as The New York Times' David F. Gallagher found, your data could fall into the wrong hands, which again raises the online-application security question.

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