Former US CTO Now Box Advisor in Healthcare

Aneesh Chopra, formerly the first US CTO is now an advisor to Box, the cloud storage company. Box wishes to use their cloud storage services to enable physicians to store and share medical information online.

Box has also hired Glen Tullman, former chief executive officer of electronic health record company Allscripts, to help the company grow their market share in the health care vertical.

Since resigning as the White House CTO (Todd Park is his successor) Chopra has been working closely with private company executives to help them formulate a health care strategy.

Chopra has been quoted as seeking ways to make it easier for patients to access an electronic copy of their medical information. Patients can choose to share this data with a care provider or keep it private. It’s far more secure than storing data on a thumb drive, which often leads to security breaches.

“When we wrote the Affordable Care Act, we envisioned a world where patients had a lot more control over their data,” said Chopra.

“The technology gives health providers the freedom to move data at an individuals’ behest without creating undue data breach risk,” Chopra added. “That is the scenario I see.”

Box invested resources to ensure its service was compliant with the major security and privacy law, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. The company built out its enterprise sales team, and now claims to have hundreds of customers in the health care sector.


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