Highest Paid Tech Execs


Successful tech execs are surely well compensated for their efforts. These compensation numbers include base salaris, cash and stock bonuses as well as grants of stock options.


1. Tim Cook
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Apple, Inc. 

2011 total compensation: $377,996,537

2. Eric E. Schmidt
Title: Executive Chairman and Former Chief Executive Officer

Company: Google, Inc.

2011 total compensation: $100,980,262

3. Larry J. Ellison
Executive title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Oracle, Inc.

2011 total compensation: $96,160,696



4. Eduardo H. Cue
Title: Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services

Company: Apple, Inc.

2011 total compensation: $52,952,975



5. Safra A. Catz
Title: President and Chief Financial Officer

Company: Oracle, Inc.

 2011 total compensation: $51,695,742


6. Mark V. Hurd
Title: Co-president

Company: Oracle, Inc.

 2011 total compensation: $51,697,623



7. Sanjay K. Jha
Title: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Company: Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc.

2011 total compensation: $47,152,687



8. Thomas Kurian
Title: Executive Vice President, Product Development

Company: Oracle, Inc.

2011 total compensation: $36,111,884

9. Sheryl K. Sandberg
Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: Facebook, Inc.

2011 total compensation: $30,957,954



10.  Margaret C. Whitman
Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Company: Hewlett-Packard Co. 

2011 total compensation: $16,518,930

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