IBM Announces Cloud Based Collaborative Software Development

IBM used the recent Innovate 2012 Conference in Orlando to introduce a series of new software and services aimed to assist software developers better collaborate while creating apps for the cloud and mobile environments.

The extensive range of new software solutions help customers create software applications faster and with higher quality across multiple development environments including cloud, mobile and complex systems.

According to IBM, the latest software development trend is a push toward continuously evolving systems. This requires consistency and collaboration across the entire software lifecycle and supply chain. Often software development teams struggle to meet business expectations due to a lack of hard facts, shared data, and a consistent context across organizational boundaries.

To address these challenges, IBM is introducing a new version of its integrated software Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution with extended design management capabilities, said Charles Chu, director of product management and strategy at IBM. CLM is built on IBM’s open, collaborative development platform, Jazz, and brings together IBM Rational Requirements Composer, IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Quality Manager in one easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution. The new CLM software ensures that software design is integrated with the rest of the software application development lifecycle. Development teams are then able to seamlessly collaborate on the design and development of software with key stakeholders from across the business.

According to  the results of an IBM Institute for Business Value Global Study on software delivery, more than 75% of the participating organizations said they are insufficiently prepared for major technology trends that will impact their competitiveness. These trends include the proliferation of mobile devices, the ability to leverage cloud-based resources for flexibility and savings, and the growing percentage of smart products with embedded software. Fifty percent of the organizations in the study said they believe successful software delivery is crucial to their competitive advantage but only 25 percent currently leverage it. 

“Today’s business dilemma is how to address both the need for rapid delivery and required control in the software development process,” said Kristof Kloeckner, GM of IBM Rational. “We must balance the need for speed and agility with better governance to manage cost and quality, achieve regulatory compliance, ensure security, and have some level of financial predictability.”

In many software development groups within companies, it can take several weeks or months to deliver a development change. This is typically due to infrastructure and configuration, testing and manual deployment, and lack of collaboration between development and operations teams, IBM said. Continuous software delivery in the cloud allows customers to continuously and automatically deliver changes across the enterprise software delivery lifecycle, spanning development, application testing and operations. With a “DevOps” approach in the cloud, customers can reduce time to market and automate changes in development, test and production. IBM is supporting cloud delivery, development and operations with new solutions, including:

IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise provides an agile cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) well-suited for development and test that is designed to provide rapid access to secure, enterprise-class virtual server environments.

The IBM SmartCloud Application Services pilot provides a pay-as-you-go service that coordinates activities across business and system requirements, design, development, build, test and delivery.

IBM SmartCloud for Government development and test platform as a service delivers industry-leading Rational tools for government agencies in a highly scalable, elastic computing environment for agencies that want the cost savings of a shared cloud environment combined with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) security.

IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery managed beta via a hosted sandbox in the cloud, provides a hands-on experience of DevOps capabilities enabling accelerated code-to-deploy through automation, standardization repeatable processes and improved coordination and visibility among dev, test and Ops teams.

IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management software provides comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities that enable development and operations professionals to reduce costly troubleshooting and free resources to focus on developing new innovations and services for customers. With this tighter integration, application issues can be found and resolved faster, but also proactively prevented to avoid future service disruption.

“This is a beta that allows our customers to try out our direct integration from development through deployment,” Chu said.

The software development lifecycle process just became a lot more organized and rational.


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