IBM Makes Big Data Acquisition with Star Analytics

We recently reported on IBM's release of a new Big Data Security tool designed to help organizations identify micro trends in stockpiles of data to expose potential security threats. In a follow up move, IBM is bolstering it's Big Data product portfolio with the addition of yet another software organization named Star Analytics.

The big data analytics company's software provides for process automation and application integration across hybrid computing environments with products that address the automation and integration requirements of business intelligence software. 

IBM has already spent more than $16 billion on big data and analytics acquisitions since 2005 and recently reported in their quarterly results that a growing percentage of their profits are derived from the integration of key software components into their Big Data product mix.

Additionally, companies such as IBM are beefing up employee expertise in the fast growing trend of data consultants. These are data specialists with insights on how to help businesses make sense of the explosion of various data sources. These include data from Web traffic or social network comments, as well as software and sensors that monitor shipments, suppliers and customers. Companies are fast learning that they can mine the data for insights that help guide them to important decisions, trim costs and lift sales. 

The Star Analytics flagship product named Star Command Center is certified to run on Amazon Web Services, Oracle on Demand and Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

According to IBM’s statement announcing the deal, Star’s software helps “automatically integrate essential information, reporting applications and business intelligence tools across their enterprises, on premise or from cloud computing environments.”

Since 2005, IBM has spent $16 billion in 35 acquisitions of companies that deal in big data or analytics capabilities.

In 2011, IBM picked up the supply-chain and contract-management analytics company Emptoris. And last year it bought Varicent Software, which analyzes sales data, and Vivisimo, a provider of federated discovery and navigation software.

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