IT Skills Sustainability Snapshot 2013

Concerned about the long term prospects of your IT career? Well you are not alone. Read on.

The following research results were based on a recent survey of more than 2,400 IT professionals by TEKsystems. 

How IT professionals perceive the current state of the industry and its future provides insights into potential technology demands and what businesses will need to do to meet those demands. It’s crucial for IT leaders to understand IT workers’ thoughts on topics like evolving technologies, retention and compensation, the importance of business skills and retirement in order to update their company’s Employee Value Proposition and attract the best talent.


Key Findings:

Forty-eight percent expect an increase in their organization’s IT budget, while 52 percent expect it to remain the same (27 percent), decline (16 percent) or didn’t know (9 percent)

Thirty-nine percent expected to increase permanent IT headcount, 36 percent expect an increase in temporary headcount, while only 16 percent expect an increase in part-time headcount.

When asked which IT staff salaries expected a change, more than 40 percent of IT leaders expected salary increases for developers, engineers, project managers and security experts.

Slightly more than one-quarter (27 percent) of IT leaders foresee the loss of skills due to baby boomer retirement as a problem for their organization.


Other Findings:

IT professionals’ top choice of companies to work for, out of Forbes’ 2012 top 20 “Most Admirable Companies to Work For,” is Google. The second most preferred company to work for is Apple, followed by Microsoft and IBM. McDonald’s is the least preferred company to work for out of the Forbes top 20 list.

Forty-two percent of IT professionals agree with the following statement: “I worry about my ability to have a long-term career within the IT industry.” Thirty-nine percent disagree or strongly disagree with the statement. 

IT professionals believe cloud computing will have the biggest impact in 2013, followed by IT security and mobility. They view VoIP / unified communications as the least impactful technology for 2013.  


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