Maintain Windows 8 Security by Following the Product Lifecycle


When purchasing bundled software and hardware, many of us wish to know how long the manufacturer will support the product. With MS Windows, the product lifecycle of each version of Windows is divided into mainstream support and extended support. Mainstream support is the first phase of the product support lifecycle. It will cover both security and non-security updates to the operating system, as well as complimentary support that is included with the license and paid support. The extended support phase provides users of the operating system with security updates. Additional support is typically provided by the manufacturer, but this type of support is known as paid support and will cost you more money.

The Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems for instance are currently in the extended support phase, while Windows 7 and Windows 8 are in the mainstream support phase.

Microsoft has added Windows 8 and Windows RT to its product lifecycle mix. Here is a list of Microsoft operating systems and their mainstream and extended support end dates:

Windows XP: Mainstream support ended, Extended support end date: 8.4.2014.


Windows Vista: Mainstream support ended, Extended support end date: 11.4.2017.


Windows 7: Mainstream support end date 13.1.2015, Extended support end date: 14.1.2020.


Windows 8: Mainstream support end date 9.1.2018, Extended support end date 10.1.2023.


Windows RT: Not yet communicated.Surface with Windows RT: Mainstream support end date 11.4.2017,


Extended support end date: not applicable as it is a consumer device.


Windows 8 mainstream support ends in 2018, while extended support will deliver security patches for the operating system for another 5 years afterwards. That’s the expected time frame as it follows the support lifecycles of previous versions of Windows.

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