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IT Pros Concerned About Long Term Careers
How IT professionals perceive the current state of the industry and its future provides insights into potential technology demands and what businesses will need to do to meet those demands

Apple Data Centers are Clean and Green
In their recent environmental update report, Apple announced a 100-acre solar farm next to its largest data center, in Maiden, North Carolina, became fully operational in December 2012.

Study Shows Improved Practices in Cloud Security, Sometimes
The “Security of Cloud Computing Users 2013” study reveals that many companies have improved their practices around cloud computing security, but is it enough?

Will Big Data Bypass Most CIOs?
A recent survey of CMOs has demonstrated that an increasing portion of CMO marketing budgets will be dedicated to using Big Data initiatives to reach new and existing markets more effectively.

Top 10 Soft Skills for IT Career Advancement
The concept of soft skills, the layman’s term for emotional intelligence, has picked up support in the past decade, especially in the IT industry.

CFOs Require Proof of IT Investment ROI
A new study shows 57% of finance executives say their companies are ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ at ensuring Big Data and similar IT projects yield expected returns.

Fusion-io Acquires Software Firm ID7
The open source world will be paying close attention to this acquisition when it closes to see if there is any material impact on the maintenance of the all important SCST open source specification.

IBM's New Big Data Lab to Bypass CIOs
IBM has opened a new lab with the goal of bringing R&D, analytics, and Big Data directly to the CEO.

Security Risks of Telecommuting
While it may be easier for telecommuting employees to perform their work at home or in the field, the process doesn’t happen without posing serious security risks.

IBM Makes Big Data a Top Priority
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty sees “big data” services as a strategic mandate for both IBM and their customers in 2013.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Devil
Cloud-enabled, with multiple email accounts, a mobile device dealing with corporate internal information is a Pandora’s Box.

Ten Best Countries for Cloud Computing
While many of the world’s IT markets have slowed quite a bit in terms of local cloud adoption, others are embracing laws and regulations conducive to cloud innovation.

Top 2013 CIO Innovation Drivers
A new report tries to identify the key priorities, opportunities, and challenges that currently face CIOs and CTOs as they shift from legacy systems to innovative solutions.

More BYOD Brings More IT Frustrations
A new study shows the increase in BYOD brings with it an increased frustration and loss of control by IT as well as growing concerns over over rising mobile data costs.

Public Cloud Services to $131B in 2017
The public cloud services market is forecast to grow 18.5 percent in 2013 to total $131 billion worldwide by 2017.

Big Data to Drive Big Intelligence in Cyber Warfare
The United States doesn't have nearly enough people who can defend the country from digital intrusions. Can Big Data Help?

Defining the Qualities of Cyber Warfare
Cyber warfare is one of the hottest topics currently trending in newsfeeds and, although many are quick to use the term, not everyone fully understands the concept.

Intel's Mobile Ascent Gaining Momentum
According to Intel's mobile chief Mike Bell, Intel is just getting started in the design and manufacture of smartphone and tablet chips.

Cloud Computing: Fact or Fiction?
A pretty basic infographic to help explain the basics about cloud computing, and the clear up some of the common misunderstandings people have about the Cloud.

US Clamps Down on Cyber Warfare by China, Others
Akamai Technologies, which monitors large amounts of web traffic, said in the third quarter of 2012 China was the world's No. 1 source of observed attack traffic, with 33% of such traffic. The U.S. was second, at 13%.

Top Malware Threats of 2013
Fortinet, a network security organization, has identified from research an increase in mobile advertising malware toolkits as well as and increase in hacktivist web server vulnerability scanning.

Cybersecurity, Private Clouds, Privacy are Top 2013 Tech Trends
The Global nonprofit IT association ISACA recently issued guidance on managing three top tech trends for CIOs and their organizations in 2013. These trends are expected to pose major challenges to businesses in 2013: cybersecurity threats, private vs. public clouds and data privacy.

CIOs See BYOD as a Cost Savings Initiative
For IT, employee passion to use personal devices and an overall desire by companies to reduce costs, are rendering the traditional model of supporting only company‐owned devices increasingly obsolete.

Top CIO Qualities In Demand for 2013
Leaders who meet heightened expectations by driving change in a fast-changing competitive environments will be in demand in 2013 and beyond. Here are essential qualities organizations will be seeking from CIOs.

DARPA Makes a Big Data Investment in Python
Big Data analytics tools are so important these days the federal government is getting directly involved in their nurturing and advancement.

Key Mobility Trends for CIOs in 2013
Tablets use will flatten, BYOD will become ubiquitous, and mobile rollouts are increasingly less expensive.

Mobile Data Consumption Growth Continues
According to a report by Cisco, the average American will use 6.2 GB of data on their mobile devices each month in 2017. Compare that number to the average of 752 MB used by Americans last year.

Is Oracle Finally Delivering the Network Computer?
Having an integrated communications service capable of supporting their front and back ends will only help Oracle to further deliver a homogeneous vendor solution.

IBM Makes Big Data Acquisition with Star Analytics
IBM has already spent more than $16 billion on big data and analytics acquisitions since 2005.

IBM Announces New Big Data Security Tool
What if you deployed technology to discover which of your employees was disgruntled and posed a potential security threat to your organization?

Is the CIO an Endangered Species?
A dynamic business environment redefines the CIO role from IT leader to business leader and innovator. Are you ready?

Ten Most Common Interview Mistakes
If you lost your last job it is best to get over it ASAP.

Popular Tweet Topics Among CIOs
A recent study, which analyzes CIOs’ and CTOs’ social media conversations, has helped determine the important buzzwords and trends on top IT execs' minds

Top 10 CIO Technology Priorities for 2013
This top ten digital technology CIO wish-list for 2013 includes a focus on IT in general and business ROI.

CIOs On the Move
CIOs come and go from fortune 2000 companies, here is a select summary of companies, locations, and their recent CIO post changes from around the US and Europe.

Dropbox Continues Shopping Spree, Acquires Snapjoy
It is all about the cloud these days.

Leradership: Understanding Your Organizational Culture
When discussing “organizational culture” or “corporate culture,” most people have some sense or recognition of what the concept means, at least to them. A fairly simply definition, or explanation, is “the way we do things around here.”

CIOs Guidance for Secure Web Apps
When the average cost of a data breach to a fortune 1000 company can exceed $5.5 million, it is time for web app developers to make sure the best security practices are followed.

Big Data Resource Demands Keep Growing
CIOs are more social than ever. Discover who where and when..

Grading CIOs on Social Media Usage
Companies such as IBM are beefing up employee expertise in the fast growing trend of data consultants.

Top Employee Skills for Career Growth
A report which highlights employees' insights and perspectives on work, engagement and the top skills necessary to grow one's career are presented.

The Cloud: It's About Flexibility
Cloud computing is all about delivering technology solutions that allows organizations to consume them “as a service".

Eight Reasons Your Enterprise Needs Storage Automation
Storage needs are growing at a rate of approximately 70 percent per year so what is your plan?

Second Half 2012 Hiring Trends
CIOs and businesses are looking to both capital and human technology investments to help them cut costs throughout the organization.

IBM Continues Move into Flash Storage
BM has announced their intention to acquire privately-held flash memory specialist Texas Memory Systems (TMS). This move by IBM is a direct attempt to drive growth in its storage business.

Big Data or Fast Data?
Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data - so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.

How to Breed Mediocrity
So how do you manage people who are better, smarter, faster and more ingenious than you are? You don't!


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