Oracle Embraces Open Source R Language

By Tom Sloan


Big Data keeps getting bigger. As corporate data warehouses bulge with tranactional data, opportunities increase for various vendors to provide toolsets needed to process and mine the data in meaningful and efficient ways.


Oracle is embracing the use of the open-source statistical modeling language - R, a tool and a skillset that is increasing available in many IT organizations today.

Oracle has announced a new Advanced Analytics product which couples R to its database and family of software-hardware appliances.
The introduction of the Oracle Advanced Analytics for Big Data package comes after they recently unveiled the Oracle Big Data Appliance, which combines the company's new NoSQL database with Cloudera's distribution of Hadoop.

The Oracle R Enterprise database product combines the processing capabilities of the Oracle database and the distribution of the "R" open-source programming language into a tightly coupled facility.

The R interface to the database becomes powerful when developing statistical data analysis applications. The ultimate goal is to acheive very fast analytics inside the database and inside memory if possible.

Oracle Data Mining, which includes data mining and predictive analytics algorithms, is a component of the company's Oracle Advanced Analytics suite.
The combination of the Oracle database, the R language and the data mining tools enables better analytics capabilities because more complex equations may be utilized to drill down into large data sets.

Other vendors such as SAS and SPSS currently have R integration solutions and the other vendors data warehousing vendors such as IBM, Teradata, and EMC Greenplum will release R language based toolsets in future releases over the next year.

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