Out With the Bureaucrats

Out With the Bureaucrats

In the Women in IT group, CIOZone member Ellen Pearlman asks the question, are the wrong people paying the price in this recession? Read the post and join the group.

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I've been reading all the doom and gloom reports about the media business lately-the latest disaster the Tribune Co.'s bankruptcy filing-and who gets hurt by it all.

Tina Brown's posting in The Daily Beast includes her belief that the wrong people keep getting the ax. She thinks it's the "feckless bureaucrats" that are running the place that should be showed out the door first.

The same can be said of the geniuses that have driven Detroit into the ground. Thomas Friedman had a good spin on this in today's New York Times. "If we miss the chance to win the race for Car 2.0 because we keep mindlessly bailing out Car 1.0," he reasoned, "there will be no one to blame more than Detroit's new shareholders: we the taxpayers."

When it comes to all the new knowledge and innovation tools available, it's clear that change will come, whether you want it or not. As Friedman asks: "The only question is will it be done by you or to you."

So many of the industries that are in trouble today got there because technology changed and they couldn't keep up. Isn't it time that the best technology and business minds figure out how to speed up the pace of innovation rather than keep the old business models from disappearing?

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