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By Bill Gerneglia

IT professionals today must continue their unrelenting focus on ROI when making investments in IT. Their company’s growth and profitability depends on a proactive approach to managing their operations.

The current global economy has set up the conditions that demand organizations to strategically make investments that will benefit both their top and bottom lines in increasingly compressed timeframes.  Additionally, competition within their industry requires continuous investment in technology solutions and services that drives innovation and collaboration throughout the organization. Well informed CIOs, CFOs, and IT managers are now more aware of this than ever before.

Recent research has demonstrated that increasingly large vendors are embracing SaaS, PaaS, Unified Communications, and Machine to Machine service offerings.  These same vendors are continually designing, honing, or re-designing their service offerings to leverage cloud computing. By deploying these services, CIOs can deliver a better customer experience and discover new revenue opportunities for their organizations.

As an example, companies such as Verizon are now capable of delivering a comprehensive portfolio of integrated, enterprise-class solutions that are supported by industry-specific expertise and strategic alliances. Verizon unified communications solutions can help mobilize the workforce and increase organizational agility. These pay-per-use, integrated tools and features enable improved business processes and help minimize risks associated with employee-owned devices.

In addition, secure, scalable services and solutions offered by Verizon can help an organization extend their existing infrastructure while enabling the use of desktop email, conferencing, and business applications on mobile devices.

This is accomplished with the knowledge that as a Verizon customer you can leverage the security of the fastest4G LTE network in the US. Additionally, Innovative solutions can be tailored to meet specific customer needs so that CIOs can help transform their business.

To the Cloud

With the rise of the globally connected enterprise, businesses need intelligent applications that can run on multiple platforms. Mobile workforces require constant access to collaboration tools and back-end systems to be productive and competitive, and organizations also need to securely manage vast amounts of data and turn it into intelligence that leads to new products, services and revenue streams. With technology changing so quickly, enterprises are looking to minimize capital investment and accelerate innovation cycles. Cloud services also spread resources efficiently and reduce duplicative investments in equipment, making them a key tool in helping corporations find sustainable solutions to managing a global enterprise.

This is a new model for managing an enterprise. No wonder, then, that the market for cloud services is estimated to grow at close to 20 percent a year between now and 2020.

For example, Verizon’s cloud services allow businesses to move applications, processing and storage that previously existed on the customer’s network into our securely managed network servers. These services allow users to access the same data and applications on any connected device, providing enriched, real-time information exactly when and where it’s needed.

CIOs have discovered how to bring products to market faster, operate more efficiently, accelerate new business growth, combat risk, or reduce complexity when they take their business to the cloud.

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