Tech Bytes for Week of 9/10/2012

Seeking more IT worker productivity?

Employers are always looking for increased employee productivity.  Employees are always looking for perks and benefits that will motivate them to give that increased productivity.  In addition to employee perks like free snacks, corporate discounts, and ample vacation days, some corporations offer more surprising amenities and perks.

According to Forbes research here are 10 top workplace luxuries:

On-site massage chair/massage therapist

MetroNap EnergyPod, this chair-helmet combination allows you to take a quick snooze on the job

Cleaning service - sent to employees' home

On-site doctor's office

The Treadmill Desk (TrekDesk ) - stand and exercise at your desk

Webcam-monitored childcare

On-site "bar" - for after hours relaxing and socializing

Organic cuisine - at onsite organic cafe

Scooters - to get around sprawling workplaces quickly

On-site laundry/dry cleaning         


Social Media usage continues to grow in corporations

Gone are the days when a company could afford to stay away from social media.  Now, if you are not engaging, finding new consumers, or creating original content through multiple channels, then you are seriously missing the boat.

According to Burson - Marstellar research, Fortune Global 100 companies are becoming much more active across multiple social channels.

Corporations are sharing hours and hours of video on Youtube with an average of 2,024,931 views. Each corporate Facebook page has an average of 6,101 people talking about them and 70% of the businesses are responding to comments on their walls and timelines.


79% of companies have YouTube channels (up from 50% in 2010 and 57% in 2011).

Companies are creating multiple accounts to target audiences by geography, topic or service.

Companies are creating original content to share across all platforms and accounts.

Companies are adapting to new platforms.

Twitter has seen nearly a 700% increase in growth since 2012.

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Fortune 100 companies prefer YouTube (79%) to Facebook (74%).

Average corporate Facebook community has increased by 275% since 2010.    




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